Saturday, January 23, 2010

perfect morning

okay, maybe it wasn't perfect, but for a moment i felt perfectly happy. i'd just completed a few errands and was walking out of the store when i was greeted by the lightest, gentlest snow. i wouldn't have loved it so much except that it wasn't sticking and it felt more like seattle than utah. but the cherry bit that made me smile was the cacophony of birds chirping. it was morning, after all, so i'm sure they were just doing their bit to greet the day, but it sure reminded me of spring and it just made my day. now the day is over. it's dark. i've failed at making bread, and i can't say i got that much done, but it was a saturday - and i enjoyed it. now i'm off to see some documentary about a teenage boys basketball team with plewe - haven't been to the movies in ages - i'm excited!


KC said...

I haven't been doing well at the bread thing either... we need a WWW Tour!! Miss you ladies!!

lenalou said...

I love those rare "perfect moments." I think having one is a pretty good accomplishment for a Saturday.

plainoldsarah said...

you are right lena. and mrs. simmons you are right! we need to plan the next wwww.