Saturday, December 26, 2009

pie overload

bret and i bought 10 holiday pies at our recent sub for santa ward auction. 10 holiday pies is a lot. considering my family requires a special lemon meringue pie at holiday gatherings, that meant at least 6 pies per family. since we hit my family first, bret's family got the most. luckily they had people willing to keep and help eat the leftover pies. this morning i heard from two friends who said yes to me bringing over pie. right now i have about 2 and a half left that bret and i need to consume or share. i'm having a painting party next week (mon through wed at least) and plan to feed pie to those who come - if there's any left. let me know if you're interested in either painting or eating pie - i'll give you details - i'll hook you up.

i'd just like to note that the lemon pie seemed to be the general favorite at both family gatherings. i'd also like to note that i've had pie for breakfast two days in a row now. at least i made it to the gym today!

just for the record, here is a list of all the pies:
2 pecans
2 banana creams
3 lemon meringues (bret and i made)
1 chocolate walnut
1 cranberry apple - what a cinnamon loaded soupy but delicious mess that turned out to be - complete with caramelized walnuts on top
1 raspberry cherry
1 grasshopper
1 maple custard that definitely needed more maple flavor!
1 blueberry cheesecake

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The Wards said...

My favorite was grasshopper. Thanks for giving us the extra of it to take home. I just had a piece and it made for a wonderful dessert to my lunch. Thanks for sharing.