Wednesday, August 12, 2009

View of living alone

It's my first night alone. I spent a good portion talking to my mother on the phone. Who else would a girl call when she finds herself utterly alone? Luckily mother wa home! We had a good chat. This alone thing will be good for me. When I got off the phone I looked around and noticed how NOT alone I really am. I have my treasured mobiles - always ready to greet me - one is full of photos of dear friends. On my dresser is a photo of dad - reminding me of a great family legacy I come from - one of courage and hard work. On top of me is a gorgeous quilt my mother gave me for my mother gave me for my birthday. One father helped with even. And pinned to my closet door is a picture of the resurrected christ. I think being alone is totally a matter of perspective.

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Sandra said...

You are not alone! Ever! Glad you can see that. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Loves,
Aunt Sandra