Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday fun begins today!

Yep it's officially my birthday I think. I spent the day with my mom doing lunch and shopping for shoes. When I left she gave me my bday gift - some good old fashioned cash. I figure the cool new shoes I bought should officially be the purchase using that cash - thanks ma! They're cute aren't they? And the red soles match my red orthotics - call me fashionable. My mother always said a girl should have a bit of red on her somewhere. I think orthotics should count! So where am I sporting these fancy new fancy new shoes - no other than a birthday movie outing with the good friend. Anyway - gotta go check out the flick!


Monica Sue said...

hope you had a fabulous birthday! You deserve it and a year of great celebration.

hope the move goes well for your roomie.

See ya soon at "HOT" Lava Springs.

plainoldsarah said...

thanks mon! my official birthday is tomorrow. nothing like a party with the ward in a vacation spot!