Thursday, May 14, 2009

tired thursday

i generally wake up on time. most often i wake up before the alarm goes off. this morning i over slept by 10 minutes. 10 minutes can totally throw off my morning routine - i keep my mornings packed and i'd already put off a couple minor things to squeeze into my morning that i normally do before bed. so what did i do? i decided to stay in bed another 45 minutes. somehow in my head i reasoned that i was just skipping out on my morning exercise, granted i only allow 30 minutes for exercise in my schedule - somehow in my tired head it all equaled out. i rarely (think once every 3 years) give myself permission to "sleep in." well it only lasted another 15 minutes. by then i'd done the math and realized i would miss my scripture reading time as well. one of the reasons i fill my morning so full is because getting exercise and scriptures read before work seriously has an impact on how well i feel and how patient i am with my students. for their sakes as much as mine i need to do those two things. well, i can feel it. i can feel that i missed one of the two. maybe i'll take a brisk walk to the office - or do some jumping jacks. or even just a sun salutation will be better than nothing. i had a tough day on tuesday, i'm determined to be better today! one of my favorite lectures for students is that if they act tired they'll only be more tired - it's about time i started acting energized - i need it!

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Tracie said...

I'm so with you on that - I have to do the same thing for my morning routine. 30 minutes of exercise, then prayer and scriptures. So much easier to get through the day when I start it off right.