Saturday, May 2, 2009


These photos were taken about halfway through. We had lunch shortly after - traditional salami and provolone on sourdough. And some tapioca for dessert. This was also about the time kristin tried to find a bandaid in her pack for a nasty blister on her heel. Alas, we'd left all our first aid stuff in the car. Smart, I know. We would stop every half hour and try to repad it with tissues and napkins. Finally plewe asked an older couple crossing our path if they had a bandaid to spare. They had moleskin - the best invention ever! unfortuantely even that gave out before the end of the hike. When we got back to the rim we left kristin and took the rim trail back to our car (2.7 miles) and drove back to pick up our poor injured sister.

But check out all those great hoodoos! We were standing at the top of a range - so unbelievable to look down on what nature can create. It was also lots of fun to keep saying hoodoo.

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