Saturday, June 16, 2007


guns germs and steel is finally on my list of "read" books. hooray! it was way good, but the last 100 pages seemed like a big repeat of the rest. i plowed through it anyway to say i did it and in case something new and exciting was revealed. i can't say i caught anything new and exciting but maybe i was plowing too fast. please forgive me if you felt the last 100 pages were the best part ever. and please let me know what you loved about it. in the mean time i'm reading hamlet. for class. i'm impressed with how much i like it so far.


Jules said...

I LOVE HAMLET! I love most Shakespeare, actually. Did you know that The Lion King is loosely based on Hamlet? Just a fun fact for you.

Sherpa said...

I've been meaning to read Gun, Germs and Steel for several years but have never got around to it.

I agree with Jules. Hamlet is awesome! Its one of those books that is referenced all the time--just the other day I was listening to Josh Ritter-a song I've heard maybe 30 times--and realized there was a hamlet reference in there that I never caught before.

plainoldsarah said...

hamlet's finally done - now I need to write about it. thanks for the encouragement!