Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm working arts fest again - good times! This evening as I was hanging out at my friend's beer booth, this famous slc resident came through and bought a lite. I felt a bit paparazzi trying to take a discrete photo without being seen.
Speaking of celebrities.... Earlier in the day I worked with a guy who claims to be donny's cousin.


Dainon said...

I spy a Rocky.

And who was the cousin? Chances are good I may know him. Not that I'm necessarily proud of that.

Verification word = "loludjm", which is interesting, considering those last three letters are my initials.

plainoldsarah said...

john is all i can offer you. he was a bit on the gay side if that helps any.

the question is, dainon, what does lolu mean? is it a special message just for you? i think possibly so!

and you're right about rocky. he bought from blair, actually. i suckered blair into working beer - i think he's still working on forgiving me for that.