Wednesday, May 16, 2007

warnings and such

this morning we had a fire alarm. i sat at my computer. i debated going into the hall, but then i'd feel dumb not leaving the school or feel dumb leaving the school late or dumb for not leaving or feel dumb looking at everyone else feeling dumb. so i stayed in my room wishing the painful noise would stop. they've designed fire alarms to be so painful that it forces you out of the building. maybe they're not painful enough.

it made me think of the mormon documentary on pbs of late. there was a scene where they showed a painting and then dallin oaks commented on watchmen on the tower. we are to be watchmen. we should warn people of impending danger. we should heed the warnings from the watchmen. maybe the world has tuned out all warnings. at least i did so today. then the vice principal came on the intercom and announced that it was a false alarm. maybe there are lots of false alarms. i guess it's important to be self educated on the dangers of the world so that you know which alarms are false and which ones are true.

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