Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sleepy baby

Yesterday I went to an engagement party for an old friend. She is marrying Keith coogan. Bret thinks few will recognize his name. He may be right. But google him and you will see I had a brush with fame. Anyway I had so much fun catching up with old friends that Joyce basically missed two naps in a row. Then afterward I tried to attend the general relief society broadcast, which caused her to miss another nap. After the broadcast began she began to cry. Really cry. No comforting her sort of cry. Half way through the first speaker I took her home and she continued to fuss off and on for another hour or more. So I guess i'm not surprised that upon getting home from church today, and changing her diaper, she fell fast asleep in the spot where I left her while going to throw away her diaper. Poor exhausted girl. I think I may have learned my lesson about naps. 

P.S. You can thank the party host for this post because she reminded me that people still check my blog and I have been terribly neglectful.

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sherry said...

Thank you, party hostess.