Monday, September 10, 2012

Plant based diet

At the end of July i had a medical procedure that left me on bed rest for 2 days. I used the time to read and talk to my husband who took time off to sit with me. We listened to the audio version of The China Study. If you have seen the documentary Forks Over Knives it is basically the same message. It was such a powerful message that i gave away six boxes of food and have more to give. My husband used to eat butter cheese milk mayo like they were going out of style. It has been at least a month of avoiding animal proteins with the very occasional socially necessary exceptions. We even went on two vacations (which usually means weight gain for me) and we have both lost over five pounds without any regular exercise. I have loved that watching what i eat is easier than ever before. Often i have tried to reduce my sugar and fat intake but with little success. This time it is soooo much easier. I recommend you at least watch the documentary but i felt the book was less sensatinalized and felt more persuasive in the science. And for the record my husband is a huge sceptic rarely trusting anything he reads. He did turn to the Word of Wisdom to feel he was following the best guidance and not just being seduced by some trendy book.       We make subtle minor rare exceptions to sugar oil and dairy but have successfully avoided meat. It gets easier each day. 

Anyone want some eggs or butter? I really stocked up back when he could eat a stick of butter a day. 

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