Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holiday in Cali

It's been way too long.  I hate it when I let my blog go so neglected - it makes me feel behind in my life in general.  Or maybe being behind in life makes me neglect my blog.  Well either way, I finally transferred photos from my camera to my computer and now you get to see some of them!
First, about a month before our trip, we participated in a yard sale.  I made just about 100 dollars.  The best sellers were my scarves I've collected since college.  You can see them in a blue basket right in front of me.  They went for a buck each.  Luckily the ones I loved the most went to women I felt would really appreciate them.
Then I went to Girls Camp.  Our theme was "Guardians of Virtue" - you can see the big "V" on my t-shirt.  I let my girls take my camera around to document what they saw.  I guess they saw me.  You can tell we were in nice digs.  Heber Valley Camp, to be precise.  They call it the temple without a roof - very nice.  It was a great time and a great experience, and as everyone tells me, it only goes downhill from there.  Meaning, every camp I go to in the future will never compare.  Probably true.

This is one of my girls doing what I called the "Bug Spray Dance."  There were tons of mosquitoes and so the girls were constantly spraying themselves with repellant.  I think we went through three or four cans.  In the other shots of her you can see the spray actually coming out - you know how action shots are, you get what you get.
One last shot of camp - so you can see just how beautiful the area was.  This is from our "long hike" which took longer since we were constantly waiting for each other.  I like hiking in big groups where you keep track of everyone - it allows for more breathing time.

This is the main reason we went to California - to spend time with these folks - family!  We're sitting on a patch of Astroturf on an island that was built out of a landfill.  It was really rather beautiful, and we were grateful for the Astroturf since the natural vegetation was dry and dead looking.

Here we are again, hanging out at a playground nearby.  We pretty much all congregated and hung out on this disc watching the little girls play and just chatting it up.

We had a pretty good view of this spiral thing and one by one some of us took turns climbing up.  I couldn't do it by myself.  Stephen tried to help, and finally Marshall just push from the rear.  I made it up - but will spare you that picture.  Bret preferred this action shot anyway.
In San Fran we went to the Legion of Honor Museum.  It's free the first Tuesday of the month so we took advantage.  We LOVED all the Rodin.  I highly recommend visiting there.  We spent a lot of time posing for cheesy pictures in the courtyard, though, before going in.  Don't worry, we didn't have strangers take the pictures, the brother and family came along and did their own cheesy posing.  This is our favorite.  Notice Bret's cuffed jeans.  He felt silly when at the end of the day he noticed he hadn't uncuffed them.  He does that in the morning when he's walking around the house barefooted, so the jeans don't drag on the ground.  Then when he puts his shoes on he's supposed to uncuff them - but unfortunately he doesn't always remember. 

Nearby the Legion of Honor Museum was a really great park. Here's Stephen's family having a great time.  Later he wore the pink hat.  I think he was the only father who could get away with playing on the equipment with his girls while wearing a pink hat.

 On our way back to Sacramento we stopped by the Oakland Temple and did a session.  Loved it!  This time we did bug a stranger to help us out.
 One of outings in Sacramento was to go to Old Town where you see and learn all about the original city and its history.  I'm posing by the school house.  I think people were really short back then.

I'm afraid I didn't take very many interesting photos after that.  We did more visiting - going back to the bay and then back to Sacramento.  We have great family!  The Sun Oven I wrote about in earlier posts was one of my best souvenirs!  I made more bread in it, different recipe, that has more rise to it and it also came out great.  Loving it!  Plus the proceeds from the sale of it go to helping people in less developed countries have them.  I remember from my Sub-Saharan Africa Geography class in college that having enough fuel is a major issue.

Okay, well I need to get to bed now.  Hope Mom enjoys all the photos!

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