Friday, February 4, 2011


i just want to report that i flossed today. went to the dentist earlier this week. again i was painfully reminded of why i should floss. i brush with no trouble why is it so hard to also floss? i figure if i've learned to brush twice daily then i can learn to floss once a day. right? and yet i forget like the wind. any tips on how i can make it more of a habit? i have the floss sitting right next to my toothbrush so i can see it and yet i've managed to see it - much like the dust in the house.

if you haven't flossed today - maybe you should. it only takes a minute. now to exercise. something else i've managed to learn to do despite many many many years of not wanting to.


Jules said...

I flossed! Even before I read your post! :-)

plainoldsarah said...

ha! i did it again. two days in a row - so far so good!

and good job julie - as always, you are my hero. :)