Friday, January 7, 2011

navel gazing

that title makes me a bit uncomfortable. maybe it's the word navel.  anyway, i'm afraid i got caught up a bit in doing just that this morning.  i've heard the phrase used in terms of doing absolutely nothing.  i'm using it in relation to too much purposeless self reflection.  i went looking for a blog post on being frugal for something related to my tightwadinutah blog when i got distracted by a bunch of my old posts.  it's strange going back in time of your own life.  i got busy looking at all the posts related to my bunion surgery a couple years ago. my husband and i had just barely started dating.  our second date was on the weekend i got home from surgery.  so it was fun just remembering a time long ago.  anyway, later this morning i came across a blog post from my good friend julie - my ultimate blogging hero.  she used to be my teaching hero, but now i don't teach so she is my blogging hero.  she's still the best teacher i know, though.  for the record.  anyway, i decided i needed to follow the lesson she gave her students.  i decided i need a sentence for my new year.  i came up with "she made her family's progress a priority."  last week my husband helped me come up with about five basic values.  then we generated a few activities related to each one that we wanted to work on this year - trying to be specific.  i decided that i really need to make those values and activities a priority in my personal life to see true progress in our lives.  i love having someone to share my "visions" with and i love that he is so supportive. 


bug girl said...

I really like that personal sentence for your new year. And I love that you both came up with activities to achieve that goal. Nice. I might incorporate it in my life and I will definitely share that idea with others. Good luck this year!

plainoldsarah said...

um, kim, aren't you the one who does all kinds of immense things each year? having a little sentence and making a vision board with bret is barely a nod at the idea of accomplishing half of what you do. i look forward to hearing about your great year - you truly are an inspiration to shooting for the stars.

Jules said...

Love your sentence!!!