Friday, September 3, 2010


Anyone recognize this leaf? I found a couple vine like plants in my vegetable garden and have no idea what they are or where they came from. I finally ripped them out since they were thriving so well. That's usually the sign of a weed.

By the way, I found cat poop in my freshly seeded rows of beets. This is why I am intolerant of "pets.". They don't always know whose yard/garden they're using. I wish animal control was more supportive. Maybe it's time I invested in a cat trap.
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Mike said...

I'm no expert mind you...but it looks like a Sweet Gum tree shoot coming up.

plainoldsarah said...

good eye mike! but after reading about the sweet gum (thanks for the link) i'm thinking this was too viny to be a tree. who knows. either way, i don't want a tree in the middle of my garden. glad i pulled it up.

by the way, the beets are surviving the cat abuse.