Tuesday, August 3, 2010

food adventures today

sometimes i have days where i cook a ton.  usually it's to use up things going bad in the fridge.  other times i just need to.  today was a combo.  i had avocados that were RIPE.  bret and i have been buying  a ton of them lately because they're on sale.  i'm content to leave them in the fridge and just take a couple out each week.  bret, though, thinks he must have at least five that are ripe all at once so that he can make guacamole. trouble is, guacamole requires tomatoes and i had about five avocados needing to be used today.  luckily i found tomatoes that were cheap (doing price matching through walmart).  but when i got home i decided the tomatoes weren't ripe enough and besides, i'm SICK of guacamole.  he isn't of course, but i'm all about variety and now that he's married to me he has no choice - i thrust variety at him regularly.  so what did i find online?  recipes where you take avocados and turn them into dessert - my type of recipe!  here's a link to bret's favorite (i made him try two).  i highly recommend it.  the other one i made involved a banana.  since bret was willing to let me finish the banana one so he could finish the other, i decided to experiment some more and mix cocoa powder and sugar in.  wow - that was a good idea! 

besides avocado treats i had to bake bread. i also had to make dinner.  my new favorite cookbook, no joke, is "country beans."  i love it so much i bought a copy on amazon.  i think i've tried about five recipes in there and bret loves them all.  in fact, one i've made like three times now he loves it so much.  double in fact, i made that same dish again, today, a double batch!  i had a huge costco size bag of spinach that needed using.  this recipe calls for a pound of fresh spinach.  basically it's spinach with rice and beans all mixed together and held together with beaten egg and cheese on top.  when bret got home he saw it sitting out on the counter and got excited thinking it was for dinner.  but it wasn't.  it was for the freezer.  for dinner we had mashed beans mixed with rice and cottage cheese - all baked together with olives and mushrooms.  i thought it was pretty tasty, but we both agreed it made a better burrito filling than anything.  luckily we had some tortillas (and avocados) and some sour cream and bret was as happy as if i'd fed him the spinach stuff.

but yeah, i'm tired.  my back hurts.  no more kitchen work for me.  at least for tonight.  and tomorrow.  we have plenty of leftovers in the fridge!


Tracie said...

I use salsa instead of tomatoes in my guacamole. Very tasty that way.

Tricia said...

I love avocadoes. For awhile, I was eating one a day myself. I've slowed down a bit, but still keep them stocked. I've made chocolate pudding with them and have seen recipes for ice cream, fudgesicles and the like, but haven't tried them yet. We love guacamole here too. I often make it without the tomatoes when I don't have any- give it a try! I put avacadoes in all kinds of things from salads to stir frys-- but then you probably see that on my blog. =) I'm addicted.

I love reading about your food adventures. Probably because I have all kinds of them here, too!

Tricia said...

Oh- and the beans! I need that cookbook. I put beans in most things these days- including cookies! I love it! I need to try making the black bean brownies I read about everywhere.

plainoldsarah said...

i know tracie - that's what i told bret but he doesn't think it's as good. trouble is, once he tries something he's pretty reluctant to try any other version of it.

tricia YOU are MY inspiration. i shared your post with bret - the one where you prayed about your food choices - we agreed after reading that one that we'll renew our efforts to be vegetable focused. in fact we were going to go to tucano's for my bday when he reminded me that as vegetable eaters that's not the best choice for us. he's right! i forgot, though, that you put avocados in stir fry. i haven't thought of that. he's not a big salad lover (i am though) so we really don't do that very often.

you really should check out the book. i got it at my library and we loved so many recipes i thought it was worth buying. but as my mother pointed out today, there's no point in buying cook books anymore since everything is on the web - but it's hard to know how to search the web sometimes!