Wednesday, December 20, 2006


okay, the holidays are a wonderful season. there's nothing more fun than walking into your room and finding presents. unfortunately, finding a plate full of homemade candy when you still haven't had breakfast is probably not a good thing. now i don't want to eat my healthy breakfast. i've already finished the fudge. next comes caramels!


Jules said...

Isn't that the best? Last year was the first year my students gave me presents for Christmas, and I totally loved it. Enjoy the caramels!!!

ewesa said...

caramels and fudge are the first two food groups when it comes to breakfast. the third is junior mints.

jrm said...

i caused shock waves to reverberate through my brother's family when i ordered a WHOLE sugar-free blueberry cake for an appetizer when we went out to eat this last week. but my thought is this: why save the sweet stuff till last, and risk letting dinner ruin your dessert?